Monday, January 13, 2014

Nathi & Gareth - One Day Edit

On friday Gareth Roberts and Nathi Nkosi came through to the Purple Haze park to bust out a short little edit. It has been a while since Nathi has appeared in any of my edits (My Bad!) however its ridiculously clear how good this kid has gotten over the past year! 

And as for Gareth, he had yet to appear in any of them! this guy is definitely kid on the block to look out for, he's one of the dudes I grew up riding with and will never forget how fast he learnt stuff at the tender age of 10 busting huge through the Graveyard Trails over 10 years back. After a little break from racing he finally picked up a proper bike and started shredding everything you could put in front of him. These 2 guys are possibly 2 of the fastest progressing guys I have the pleasure of riding with on a regular basis.

Here's the Edit!

Nathi and Gareth - One Day Edit from Ryan Jarrett on Vimeo.

Here are a couple snaps from the session,

Gareth with one of his soon to be signature 3 tables
 Dialed flip
 Nathi with a pretty respectable Toboggan over the quarter to quarter gap.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Domestic Sessions Episode 4

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you out there, and for most its almost time to get back to the grind, university or school. Lots of cool stuff coming up for S.A in the next 2 months down in Cape Town with Ultimate X and Night Harvest promising to bring a couple of exciting surprises for our little scene.

This has been out for a while already but if you haven't managed to catch this one, It is the 4th and final  instalment of the Domestic Sessions series of videos. This was just a day of cruising around Wits University in Johannesburg featuring extra guests; Ray Malinga as well as Callyn Swart.

Check it out!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Domestic Sessions Episode 3

Here is the third instalment from Looney Tv's series of edits. This time the guys go through to Brightwater and Greenramp. Don't forget to give them a Follow and subscribe to their channel.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Domestic Sessions Episode 2

As mentioned yesterday, the second instalment is here, this one follows the crew from Stoneridge Skatepark to Alexandra Skatepark with a bit of fun in-between, Be sure to check it out!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Looney TV Project

I had the pleasure of working with Thabs and his crew on a little 4 part video project for the past 2 months and we managed to get a bunch of really cool stuff done. I followed the guys on days out riding and put together some edits of the days out.

They will be coming out once every 2 weeks so be sure to follow and like their page and keep up to date!

Looney TV

Here is the Promo as well as the first Episode.

Episode 2 will be dropping later today!

Friday, October 25, 2013

The JHB mixtape

Well I am glad to say that this is probably the reason this blog has been dead over the past couple of months. It's been a while in the making so the decision was to drop it before anything began to get old. So in the hope of keeping things fresh, this is the Winter edition. 

JHB mixtape : The Winter Edition from Ryan Jarrett on Vimeo.

Was a really rad little project that I wanted to look as good as possible, it was more the vibe I planned capture mostly. Johannesburg's riding scene isn't the hugest so it means that its a pretty tight little scene with everyone making plans to hang out and ride with pretty much everyone else. The riding wasn't priority no. 1 but it turned out being not half bad with some of the gents really putting it out there and putting in the time. All the music bar a single song are all Johannesburg based bands who are a big part of the social scene.

Thanks to Tim for arranging all those sunrise sessions at Soweto Theatre, check him out here! Tim Moolman . Thanks Soweto Theatre for letting us be as professional as we could about it, even after one or two dents and a certain cracked window.

Overall I kinda dig the way this one came out, the next one will be a little different to this so all you street cats better be amped.

PS. feel free to download the video from the vimeo page, share the love!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Riot Ramp sessions

This past weekend Max over at The Riot decided to have a little day of fun, sun and braai.

He recently put in some blood, sweat and tears and a couple of local hands together and managed to put part of the revoltion ramp that he salvaged together in his yard.

I managed to put together a little edit from the day. Really happy with the way this one came out and looking forward to doing more of this sort of thing.

Cheers for now!

Riot Ramp Session from Ryan Jarrett on Vimeo.
This past weekend saw guys descend on Max's place to check out the new ramp, braai and chill out for the day.

Looking for anything Bmx? Contact The Riot (Max) on 082 9225555 or check out