Monday, November 23, 2009

A little Update

Ahoy all. Its been a rather long time since the last update but there is some news. First we just got in our first batch of purple haze shirts and they are looking sweet!! we only have a few at the moment but we will be running another batch if all goes well soon. they come in small dank, medium dank and large dank yo!!! and are going for R90 and remember all this cash is going to buy materials and odds and ends for the new park so if you're interested give me a call on 0729085707.

In other new developments all the ramps we had left at the Alberton skatepark, Frontside are now in our possession at the new location on the corner of Edgecombe rd and 5th Ave (click on the title to see a map), The Hill. Here is a little edit from moving the ramps and making the most of everything we could get our hands on. It does cut off a bit so double click if you wanna atch it properly.

Till next time.....

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