Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Shirts

Something for you to enjoy. Watch it in Youtube, it won't be cut off :)
Well, Firstly we were able to sell a good bulk of the shirts we printed so we did make a bit of cash towards the park but unfortunately we're going to need to raise some more funds so we are printing some more of the shirts which are also going to be the same sweet design but are going to be a lot better quality. They are going to be selling at 110 buckers this time. Available in black with glow in the dark print and white with gold available in small medium and large. So guarantee your shirt by ordering one today! just leave a comment with contact details, colour and size and I'll get back to you. Also every extra shirt you order from us you will get R25 discount off overnight shipping anywhere in the country!! We are still selling purple shirts at R80 but only a few medium are left. 

We hope you guys can lend a hand!!

here are some photos

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