Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hey all! well yesterday i decided to take a trip and go have a look at a new bowl type thing in Spruitview, South of Joburg. Wasn't allowed to ride for some reason but i'm sure that'll be sorted out soon. Crazy Fun looking place! here are some photos i took.

Odd tunnel things that connect the 3 little bowl areas together.

The shallow end of the bowl.

Over View from the other side

Evening Session Photos
Tk brawler and Wes decided to pull through for a session on tuesday afternoon at the park. Some photos of the day, was definitely a table day by the looks of things. Tk Bike check coming soon!

Wes scaring the locals...

Byron Boosting the Quarter
Bafana with the steez!

Tk with a nice table
Byron with one of the shadiest nose bonk transfers i've seen in a while, pulling it off with no problems.

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