Monday, August 16, 2010

Looonnnggg Time

Hey All!

Its been a rather long time since i've made any updates. Test time tends to be a bit hectic. thought I'd put something up for the meantime.. Had a rad Sunset session at the park a week or two back. Heres some of the pics.

Chad With a styler
Nati learning at light speed as usual!

Byron with a t bog, and a can (top) and a terrence up?? (below)

Sweet photo..

Here's some from sunninghill. hopefully coming to a box soon!

3 table (top) , and James with a crazy downside.. photo's just too nuts not to use! James hasn't been riding for a good 4 years and recently decided to get back on. doesn't look like he's lost much!

And to end a t bog over the box.

Check back for a short edit in the coming week of some random tit bits..


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