Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

Hey all!

I can promise you that this is no april fools joke.. abzorb!

And a simple Rather solid edit with some stylish riding...

and Finally an edit from Amnity Bike co. Featuring Matt Priest. Some serious quality riding from him..

There are also some events coming up that are worth noting, Firstly there is Another  T.I.A jam coming up on the 30th of April, we'll have some more details for you guys soon.

And on the 21st of May the My Culture Jam will be happening at Hartebeespoort Holiday Resort's Skatepark 

It has gone under a few changes Have a look below: 

Some stuff may look familiar but the changes look like it'll give the park a better flow and some nice new line options and potential gaps!!

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