Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Durban Weekend Roadtrip

Hello Hello peeps, long time once again!

Here is a small touch of news. A few weeks we all went down to durban with the Mongoose UK team, Greg Illingworth, Stuart Louden, Will Evans and Nathan Beddows (Ride UK) and Jason Phelan. Besides for all the getting up to no good and the crazy weather that was put in front of us, it was still a super fun little trip. Here are a few pics from the Durban Leg. 

 We were greeted with easily 40-50 km/h wind in the snake run.

 Bruza with an invert off the extension
 Having some fun in Parking Lot.

Will Evans, Packing it on with the gear.

 The Gents Chilling on the at the warehouse, Durban

Jason Phelan with a wall ride flair at Gateway. And a Large T-Bog below that.

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