Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3000kms in 3 Days - Photo Feature

Deciding on the thursday to leave on friday to head down to Cape Town to check out the Halloween jam at Gum Trails sounded like it may not have been the wisest decisions I've ever made, but it definitely turned out to be an experience.

We made the 16hr drive down to Gordans Bay to the humble abode of the Peters Family, arriving at around 3:45am on the day of Halloween Jam. Everyone was keen to get in some good rest before the jam. Making our way to the trails at about 10am Saturday morning. Gums are quite something to see when they are running. After deciding I wanted to roll the jumps at least a few times before settling to shoot the event I was welcomed by a rather large smash to the face on my first run through the trails. So this was to blame for my lack of coverage of the jam itself being pretty out of it most of the day.

After the jam we made the mission back to Moe's for a chilled out braai and relax session. Sunday we all went through to Bel Air Trails where I was able to do some content gathering. Which was followed by a sunset session at the Mini Ramp Malcolm has made famous.

Overall it was an awesome little getaway but I do not see myself spending 30hrs in a car for a weekend away anytime soon!

Here are some of the photos from the weekend!

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