Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Not Another Zebra's King of the Bank and King of the Ramp

This past weekend saw TK putting on the first NotAnotherZebra Jam. Entitled king of the Ramp and the King of the Bank. 

The first half had everyone dropping down at Emmerentia banks, A rather well known spot under the bridge on the overflow wall of the dam. Clearly not everyone knew that it was dam wall which had one unlucky victim jumping strait over the wall into the dam. We have all been wondering when this would happen and it did.

The Implications of not doing the pro walk, The Banks and Ramps Teaser from Not Another Zebra on Vimeo.

Check out these edits I managed to put together from the day. Thanks to everyone who took hold of a go pro and got those extra clips for this! PS. feel free to download the original files over on the respective vimeo pages for maximum viewing pleasure..

Go over and check out the full write up from the day over at NotAnotherZebra.com

King of the Bank from Not Another Zebra on Vimeo.

King of the Ramp from Not Another Zebra on Vimeo.

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