Thursday, June 6, 2013

#Throwback Thursdays - Unleash The Fury 2

Well its been a long time coming but after much deliberation its been decided that this needs to be online for all to see.

Unleash the Fury 2 was the sequel to the always to be loved Unleash the Fury VHS. At a time where we would only hear news through word of mouth, Blunt or the little known nowadays bmx zine Source magazine and when dial up would never be able to stream a song nevermind a web video. DVD's were pretty few and far between but as the scene grew so did the need for great stuff. Jimmy Reynolds put this together after about 2 and half years of filming and meticulous editing and grading it went out with rider sections from the likes of Tyrone Bradley, Greg Illingworth, Brad Illingworth, Jimmy Reynolds. 

Heres what some of those guys have to say about this particular effort to put a voice to a generation.

"It was the only documentation of SA scene at the time. The one thing that everyone that rode BMX in SA knew about, watched, and enjoyed. It showed me that there was more to BMX than just riding a bike, there were 'industry' opportunities. My life has become about filming BMX, UTF was my first introduction to this." Greg Illingworth

"UTF 2 was epic! It showcased what was going on in the BMX world in SA at the time. Much of the riding in the there is world class! Considering that none of the riders were true pros, it's an awesome video. Jimmy did a great job of capturing what the scene was about... rock 'n roll, good times and fun on bicycles! Nothing more is needed! "  
Brad Illingworth

"You could do it like the Sex Pistols, strait up, very simple, OR you can go the whole route, keep it Rock 'n Roll but put all the details into it - grade every shot, spend half an hour sweating out every transition..." Jimmy Reynolds on the approach to the video out of Source issue no. 2 (April 2005)

Without further adieu...

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