Monday, January 13, 2014

Nathi & Gareth - One Day Edit

On friday Gareth Roberts and Nathi Nkosi came through to the Purple Haze park to bust out a short little edit. It has been a while since Nathi has appeared in any of my edits (My Bad!) however its ridiculously clear how good this kid has gotten over the past year! 

And as for Gareth, he had yet to appear in any of them! this guy is definitely kid on the block to look out for, he's one of the dudes I grew up riding with and will never forget how fast he learnt stuff at the tender age of 10 busting huge through the Graveyard Trails over 10 years back. After a little break from racing he finally picked up a proper bike and started shredding everything you could put in front of him. These 2 guys are possibly 2 of the fastest progressing guys I have the pleasure of riding with on a regular basis.

Here's the Edit!

Nathi and Gareth - One Day Edit from Ryan Jarrett on Vimeo.

Here are a couple snaps from the session,

Gareth with one of his soon to be signature 3 tables
 Dialed flip
 Nathi with a pretty respectable Toboggan over the quarter to quarter gap.

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