Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Krugersdorp Spot Check

First of all Happy New Year to all you peeps out there! looking forward to some cool little projects for this site in the next few months, so if all goes well we won't see a blog as quiet as it has been.

Krugersdorp Spotcheck - Key West from Ryan Jarrett on Vimeo.

Johannesburgs lastest park has popped up at Krugersdorp's new mall, Key West. A really cool small but open park with a couple of cool lines, hips, marble ledges and buttery rails with good tranny all over. Promises to be popular due it being completely free to ride, located in an area with lots of chill spots and restaurants. It's also open at night and closes at 10pm, not too sure whether its all days but mondays for sure.

A couple of guys figured they'd check it out for the evening, check out some bangers, lines and all round good vibes.

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